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In the house of God #CEHillingdon

SALVATION STORY OF PASTOR IFEOMA CHIEMKA. http://bit.ly/2dZqtLQ In my first year at University, I attended a concert by a musical group of undergraduates; they were so good that by 5am the next morning the audience hadn’t dispersed. Though every member of the band was good, the lead singer was outstanding and she was the star of the night. I tried to wait behind after the concert to see her but I didn’t get to. I found out her name and hoped to see her some day. Due to my fascination with her voice I kept asking after her until I learnt that she was now a born again Christian. I remember thinking, ‘how tragic’. I was puzzled and couldn’t understand how someone with such amazing talent would take a step like that. No one I asked at the time could give me an acceptable explanation. That wasn’t the last time I would encounter her, however. About three years later I was on my way to visit a friend in her hostel when she mentioned to me that Akunna, the lady with the sensational singing voice, was visiting and was in her friend’s room (she had graduated but had come to Campus to see some friends). I asked my friend whether she would mind taking me to her friend’s room so that I could ask Akunna to sing for me. She obliged so off we went. As soon as I got into the room, I blurted out something like this, ‘Hello, would you sing for me please? I really love your voice and I’ve tried for years to hear you sing again since that musical concert’’. She laughed back at me with such warmth that I felt comfortable to venture into the room and sit down. I don’t remember all that transpired and the details of all that was said but somehow the conversation got around to Jesus. I was a bit uncomfortable because I had recently discussed the born again phenomenon with a friend and I concluded that I was one of those who wasn’t ready to take that step because I had a number of issues to sort out before I could get myself right with God. Thus, when she asked me if I would give my heart to Christ, I had a ready answer and confidently explained the need to sort things out first. At that point I thought she would understand my plain logic, accept that I couldn’t be saved at that point in time, and sing for me (since that was why I was in the room) but she took each point of my argument and stripped it bare to the point that it was glaring that I was more ready than I could ever be to accept the Lord Jesus. Thus, when she asked whether I now felt I was ready to receive the Lord Jesus, I remember vividly that it was the most logical step to take. I said yes. She led me to Christ and the others in the room (whom I gather were listening in but didn’t give me the impression that they were) came over to congratulate me and pray with me. We all joined hands and prayed together and it was only then that Sister Akunna sang. She sang a worship song that I didn’t know but her voice was so beautiful and I was really happy. When I left the room and walked out of the hostel I remember thinking that I had deliberately gone to that room for the sole purpose of hearing a stranger with a beautiful voice sing, but that stranger with the beautiful voice led me to Christ BEFORE she sang for me. Wow, it's Pastor Ifeoma's birthday today! Join us as we celebrate a woman of excellence, God's gift to humanity. You can leave your greetings and prayers on the comment section. #Iflourish #Globalsoulwinningday #iclc #PastorIfeomaChiemeka #Insight #FollowPastorChris #AFFIRMATIONTRAIN

The more heavenly conscious you are...the less earthly relevant you will become. Be relevant in the things of God.

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Happy Birthday 🎉 to you My dearest Dcn -WULLNP. More grace and earthly favour in all you endeavours. I love you Sir.

To make a success out of this world, you must continue to grow in the Word and Consciously give yourself to the word (Romans12:2) #midwzone

Ur dream can't be accomplish while u r still sleeping wake up see vision 400 haha! #ewcavz4 #cendobo #zioncity3

Vision 400: AM stronger than prosperity & WHAT makes me rich is Eternal. wining souls... # vision400 #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #YEAROFFLOURISHING

#CEHillingdon having a great time at service. #vision400

Blessed time of fellowship in the house of the Lord! Vision 400 is a reality #cehillingdon

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