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Happy Teachers, Happy Kids @ Christ Embassy Lagos Virtual Zone Children's Church Service today!! #Assessment Day #ChildrensChurchRock #RaisingChampions #CELVZ

Happy Teachers, Happy Kids @ Happy Teachers, Happy Kids @ Happy Teachers, Happy Kids @ Happy Teachers, Happy Kids @ Happy Teachers, Happy Kids @


Glorious children

Egbuchulam Elizabeth


Me loving this

Pastor Chelsea


Thank you for all u do for our kids

MCO4 the Blessed





Wow lovely




Raising kings and priests in the word of God.

What a unique, awesome and great Sunday service with our Group Pastor, Pastor Moipone Molotsi in PE Subgrp Church. Thank you Ma.

We don't pray and wait for something to happen, u pray and do something.. #rhema #vision400 #blwzoneb #blwUli

The one in Christ is not praying to get anything, he has everything. #vision400 #blwzoneB #blwuli

Hallelujah is a language spoken in heaven.we speak same because we're heavenly. #vision400 #blwzoneb #blwuli

💢Highlights of Sunday service with the Highly esteemed Pastor Ted Obieroma 💢 several hundreds of enthusiastic brethren Welcome and celebrate the arrival of Pastor Ted Obieroma as he conducted his maiden service in the nation of Congo. Pastor expressed his deep gratitude to out Man of God for this great opportunity to be in the nation of Congo. He further acknowledged and celebrated the amazing work that had been done by the outgoing Pastor. keep it here for more updates... #theArrival #eavz6

And flourishing became flesh #vision400 #blwzoneB #blwuli

Happy 2nd birthday to my awesome, fun, joyous, amazing daughter. We love you Keep growing in love and happiness always. God loves you more

Updated his profile photo

The Christian is the fulfilment of the promises of God. #vision400 #blwzoneB #blwuli

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