Engineer Abogede Isaac Oma-Ojo: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Congratulations our Highly Esteemed Director of Children's Church Ministry Pst Omo Alabi on Tolu Alabi display of our exceptionalism- BLW N

I am limitless! I am boundless! I gain access everywhere I chose I am flourishing with @udokachrist, @uranta, @vanikethepoet at #ZICLCUYO

Am standing in ur presence Without guilt or shame Am free to lift my hands ........Glory Am flourishing and Expanding all d way

Happy flourishing my maa

CONFERENCE SPOTLIGHTS The grand finale of the ongoing ziclc in South South 2 Virtual Zone 2 kicks - off early this morning with a super session with our highly Esteemed Assistant General of the BLW ,Pastor Kayode Adeshina on the subject "DISCIPLINE AND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR PERSONAL GROWTH". In his words, an army without discipline is nothing more than an assemblage of volunteers, incapable of uniting for a collaborative defense eager only for plundering and chaos. Expatiating further on the subject,he pointed out several areas in which every leader must develope and exhibit discipline: the mouth,the body and the mindset. #ZICLCUYO #SS2VZ2

Vision 400 Evangelism in full swing in CE KENSINGTON SA ZONE 2. The harvest is plentiful. We are the labourers. Glory to God!

#Vision400 #PastorEmmainbeninvirtualzone #cebeninvirtualzone Hospital outreach Touching lives that's my game!!!

FOLLOW YOU I will follow you...I will follow you...wherever you go...Jesus I will follow you.  ARE YOU READY!!!! Download, sing along, dance, make your stance to follow Jesus till the end then share with your brother.  It is all about THE FOLLOW...IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS!

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