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Today on LoveShowers, we have The Ballad Prowess and Worship Leader FARLON LYTE talking about her new singles - "Like A Million Stars & He's Got It Planned". Tune in to LoveWorldSAT at 3:30 pm (GMT+2) to watch. Call in and share your messages and comments with Farlon at +2711 781 8340-4 or share them with us by commenting below. Watch LoveWorldSAT anytime, anywhere ON THE GO, at

Today on LoveShowers, we have

HIGHLY ESTEEMED REV TOM, ON SUNDAY Fight The Good Fight Of Faith... Divine health - Living in divine health means constantly bombarding your body with the word of God concerning health. Put the word of God to work in your body. Philip 4:6-7 Don't have anxiety for anything, but in everything let your request be made known unto God, and His peace will rest upon, guard, your heart. 1Pet 5:7TLB Let him have all your worries and cares, for he is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you. Cast it on Him #RevTominAbuja #cedurumi

Sunday Service was awesome. "We have been called into fellowship, into oneness, into union. As He is, so are we!" #cephzone3 #vision400

The vision 400 it also is to lead our biological families to Christ. After the sunday service the evangelization continues. #zionambassadors

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#LAGZONE2PLM A time of training! Gloryyyyyyyy

#cepe1 #giving people's life a meang #vision 400percnt

HLC 2017 with Pastor Chris Preparations for the highly anticipated Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris have since begun. As part of the activities members of UK Virtual Zone 2 should kindly click the link below to pre register #ceukvz2 #LoveZone #Vision400 #iFlourish #HLCUKwithPstChris

For your kids or self in Abuja - Take note

Highlights of Sunday service with our Esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor - Pastor Emmanuel Abbah #followpastorchris #vision400areality #vision400onmymind #NERegion #NNEVZ1

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