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What are you Speaking in these times that we are in? In the midst of crises,we take our stand on God's word. In Christ Jesus, We are Victors. Fearlessly & Joyfully, we declare that We Have Won.Be encouraged as you affirm your victory! WE'VE OVERCOME By The UK BAND Coming Soonâť—

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Live participation from Cape Town, South Africa. #yourloveworld #TNI

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Live participation from United Kingdom #yourloveworld #TNI

Happy Birthday Ma. Thank you for your liquid Love. I love you so much Ma.

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It doesn't matter who doesn't like you, remain faithful

Loveworld UK Zone 1-DSP Church without Walls tomorrow @ 10am. Please click below to join.

You: Unbehalf of CE ASHIYIE Brethren and I, we said Happy Birthday Pastor Lisa Ma, we Love you so dearly. More Grace ma. Wullnp

Fear is a major part of HIS AGENDA....but we thank God for FAITH. ... JOIN US EVERY SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY for FAITH TALKS ..with pst Moses. #faithtalks #cebeninzone1

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