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https://www.kingsch.at/p/SlFtQjB #CeBeninZone1

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Greater is he that is in me... #CRVZ

For the woman I have become today! I owe it to #PGO I LOVE My Mama.

Grateful! so grateful for all that you have done, doing and will do for me Lord!

Happy birthday Pastor Nike.Thank you ma for all you do for the ministry, for personalizing the vision of the ministry.Loving you is all I do

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CE Ipaja Teens Church achieving #vision400 with Teens Skill Acquisition Program with over 381 attending trainings & Foundation School.

My Mother is beautiful inside out. A woman sent from God. I ❤️ dearly Ma. #PGO

The #Rogha2017 Costume Competition continues... Vote for your favourite costume in *GROUP D* by liking, sharing and commenting with the Costume Number *Multiple votes by a user will be considered a single entry/vote* To participate kindly upload your picture on your KingsChat timeline with the hashtag #Rogha2017 #6millionCopies #6millionLives #CeAccraGhanaZone

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