Honorable Lawrence Ekpe: Dear Sister Miriam, it's ur on KingsChat Web

Dear Sister Miriam, it's ur birthday today! We ❤️ & appreciate U 4 all the efforts you put into our Ministry Publications Dept. God bless U.

Dear Sister Miriam, it's ur Dear Sister Miriam, it's ur
King Roland


Happy birthday to you Sis Miriam! You are a burning and shining light, God bless you

Mabel Ebegbe


Happy birthday dear Sis Miriam, you will continue to advance and do great things in life. Keep on shining. I love you 🎂🎂🎂



Happy birthday Sis Miriam!! 🎉🎊🎁 you are wonderful!!! Glorious and great things have been spoken concerneth you.. Continue to shine.. Have a wonderful birthday!!!🎊

Yvonne Chidi Ekpe


Happy Birthday to a wonderful person in the house. Happy birthday dear sweet Sis Miriam. Your love for the things of God will continue to blossom. You are awesome and I love you. 🎂🎂🎂😘😘😘

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This altar decorated by the decoration team for super sunday


You: Happy birthday pastor ma. My dear mother. I love you so dearly ma.may your flourish know no end

My little princess she can disturb cha.she 8 dress up to welcome TLB to opolocity#THECITYOFGOD

Still on the celebration mode#supersunday

#PGO -The Bible says "lay aside every weight" - that includes anyone who is holding you back from the things of the gospel 👏👏 Very true Ma

The God whom l serve with my spirit #PGO

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#Instant_miracles. #CEnewlands A prophesy was given on last Sunday and within 24 hours a miracle took place . Join us this Sunday .

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