Taite_Bryan: Some say vision400 is bread on KingsChat Web

Some say vision400 is bread for them, but for #PGO - it is Birthday cake! HBD MA!

Some say vision400 is bread


We are more than conquerers

Abi Blessed


Yesssss! Making the vision clear...writing it down...#vision400 is a reality...







Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo


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God bless me

It's going to be superlative I tell you. #allnightwithevang

Tick tock tic tock... #p31

Till Month End of July!!! 4 More Days to go!!! #7vpp New Video Message on Pastor Chris Digital Library: 7 Virtues for Persistent Productivity from our Dear Man of God! Why you must have it? 1. It is our year of Flourishing, hence for more persistent productivity, you must have it! 2. For achievement of Vision 400, you must have this message 3. Bible Classes for this month are from this message, you must have it! How to get the message: ●Download PCDL on Google PlayStore & Apple AppStore ●Get the vouchers from the Zonal Office ●Come ready to buy for yourself and others also! #GetItOnPCDL #7vpplaunch #vision400 #expansion #flourishing #cesazone5

When you mention #PGO you can only think of money!

Emerald cell of CE Aguda Ministering at the coker /Aguda health center and many giving their lives to Christ. Hallelujah

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