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We are d ones who have d authority to break d power of d devil off their mind and eyes.If we don't use that authority,no one else can #sevz1

We are d ones who

Time to bring in the sheaves. Vision 400 is a reality. Be a part of it! #BLWLiverpool #ceukzone1 #Vision400 #persistentproductivity

HBD Brother Nixon Sir. God Loves you so much and it's your Month of the shining Light. Keep Basking in God's glory. I Love you Sir.

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DTP Day 3 with Pastor Gbuyi expounding God's word with great Revelation #Vision400 #Thegloriouschurch #CEMakurdi

The clouds are full and UK Is ready to receive #HLCUkwithPSTCHRIS

John 10:10 KJV http://bible.com/1/jhn.10.10.KJV http://bit.ly/pco_web #Fruitful1Cell8 #FruitfulPCF #CeAvenor #CeAccraGhanaZone

Happy birthday dear highly esteemed Pastor Sir. Thank you for being a great inspiration & blessing to me. I love & appreciate you dearly.

I’ve been earning with Uber for 1 year Use my link to hit the road and start earning, http://t.uber.com/dr_ms?i=e3nstnufue&m=ANNIVERSARY&v=1

Its 2 Days To Go!!! Join FALF Ambassadors Oreddy Raphaella and Chelsie Ablest, as they celebrate the International Youth Day (IYD), with a Volley Ball Tournament in the nation of Seychelles on Saturday 12th August, with the sole aim of engaging and encouraging youths to abstain from drugs. #FALF #OreddyRaphaella&ChelsieAlbest #IYDSeychelles

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