Mehluli: Doubts dissolved.💃💃💃.. Kabaye!! #HLCUKwithPast on KingsChat Web

Doubts dissolved.💃💃💃.. Kabaye!! #HLCUKwithPastorChris #ceukvz2

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updated his profile photo


Skill acquisition at the international youth day!! #cemidwestzone #cemwziyd2017

11 August 2017 - Divine Health Realities - Audio Podcast.

Thank u pastor Benny!!!!!!! Eh!

Happy wedding anniversary. Thank you for being Helpers of the war; your home will continually be a place of succor and comfort for many.

HBD to a true sister, u are so very special 2 me. Thank u 4 being available & dependable. Your life is worth celebrating.. I ❤️ u totally 💋💋


Set for Day2 STPPL Morning session

Glorious things are happening @ the international youth day!!! #cemidwestzone #cemwziyd2017

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