Margret Cando: Happy wedding anniversary. Thank you on KingsChat Web

Happy wedding anniversary. Thank you for being Helpers of the war; your home will continually be a place of succor and comfort for many.

Happy wedding anniversary. Thank you Happy wedding anniversary. Thank you
Bro David Wakama


Happy Wedding Aniversary to the Taylor-Harry's. Continue to flourish and shine on. Congrats

Sis IJ Hanotu


Happy Wedding anniversary to this lovely family. Keep shinning the light.

Ayodele Oluwafemi


Happy Wedding Anniversary Super beings, flourish!

Emana Chukwuji


Happy wedding anniversary to you.Continue to flourish

Margaret Ejeh


Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you.

Margret Cando


Congratulations to the Tamunoemi's. The joy and laughter you have will never depart and you'll continue in Glory and Splendour. Happy wedding anniversary, we love you.

Doubts dissolved.💃💃💃.. Kabaye!! #HLCUKwithPastorChris #ceukvz2

updated his profile photo


Skill acquisition at the international youth day!! #cemidwestzone #cemwziyd2017

11 August 2017 - Divine Health Realities - Audio Podcast.

HBD to a true sister, u are so very special 2 me. Thank u 4 being available & dependable. Your life is worth celebrating.. I ❤️ u totally 💋💋


Set for Day2 STPPL Morning session

Glorious things are happening @ the international youth day!!! #cemidwestzone #cemwziyd2017

Happy birthday to CSO love you

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