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Face the battles and win! Don't run away from soul winning and financial battles. #vision400 #cesazone5 #cethorngrove

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It's all about our partners. Merci! Grazie! Obrigado! Dhanyavaad! Gracias! Do jeh! Danke sehr! Toda! Thank you, our most Esteemed Partners.

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HBD Gov Carmelita, a burning & shinning light, you always radiate the glory of God. Thank you for being relevant in ZE1. I ❤️ you dearly.🎉



Dear Rev. Tom, Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I celebrate YOU with great exuberance on this special occasion. I celebrate your love for Jesus I celebrate your love for our great man of God I celebrate your love for my husband Rev. Ken I celebrate your love for me Pastor Ose I celebrate your love for Carlton, Alvin & George I celebrate your love for our great nation YOU HAVE BEEN A TREMENDOUS BLESSING TO ME FROM MY TEENAGE YEARS TILL DATE Your messages, counsel, exhortations, word of wisdom, word of knowledge and advices to me through the years have impacted my life greatly. ALL the years you had fellowship with us upstairs in the sitting room (remember?) helped my/our foundation and raised me/us to be radical for Christ, stable in our faith and to be master soul winners. I am forever grateful for a the building blocks. YOUR focus our man of God, the ministry, the vision, the word, success and productivity is awe-inspiring. Thanks a gazillion for being a great example and a leader with a difference. I love you dearly SIR and God bless you

Happy Birthday Rev Tom Sir! I remember the 1st time I served you Sir.What an awesome privilege to know you.ILove you Rev Sir!#R815 #celafia


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