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Abuja Zone Launches Out with 3 Million Copies of Rhapsody of Realities The Reachout Nigeria Campaign now in its 10th year has been a source of hope, patriotism and Nation building through the distrubution of the Rhapsody of Realities. The President, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome in his magnanimity of unleashing his bestowed wisdom in the messenger angel, Rhapsody of Realities, has imparted the World over with daily doses of life changing articles in over 800 languages. Today in Christ Embassy Abuja, members all across the Zone made their commitment to be vital sponsors of this year's edition. "Through the RON Campaign we are establishing righteousness in this Nation Nigeria. When we spread righteousness through God's Word we enjoy peace, progress and prosperity. These copies of ROR will bring life, salvation, deliverance, healing, clarity to all that will get a hold of it." With these Word The Most Rev. Tom unveiled the ReachOut Nigeria Campaign 2017 tagged: INSPIRING GREATER DREAMS. The Federal Capital Territory and environs will be set aglow as members launch out with joyful exuberance. #ceabujazone #ronlaunch #R815

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Clinton Jethro


What an awesome service with Most Reverend Tom. Thank you so much Sir



It was a glorious special service. Thank you Most Rev Tom.👏

Nuhu A.



Ogar Darlington


Thank God i am part of this movement

Lewis Egoh



#HLCUKwithPastorChris #UKZone1 #BLWBirmingham1 The Shining Light - That's who we are


BOARD OF SCHOOL #Cornerstone

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We turning up 14 October #blwsafireforyourfuture #ffyfwithRKO #groupb

Our faith is connected to our needs nothing overwhelmes my faith #CeAccraGhanaZone #Cogitations #vision400 #flourishing sound ,matter,faith

Yeah!!! If he would show up, why wouldn't you??? REGISTER NOW!!! www.blwsafireforyourfuture.com #blwsafireforyourfuture #ffyfwithrko

Here we go, it is the Higher Life.... #HLCUKwithpastorchris #CEStreatham #UKVZ3

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