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Awesome awesome awesome.

Awesome awesome awesome.

Resolve to be committed to God completely. The intensity of your love for God determines the multiplication of His grace in your life.

I just can't contain my excitement! #AnEveningWithTheWord the Countdown has started !

After hearing that RHO is coming to JHB,future so bright I needed shades to look into it. #blwsafireforyourfuture #FFYFWITHRHO #GROUPD1

As a shining light, we will SO SHINE as a result of the Word we receive from this meeting! #AnEveningWithTheWord


Lives will be transformed. Invite someone. #Aneveningwiththeword🇨🇦🇨🇦


#AnEveningWithTheWord #CECANADA

GREATNESS is in the quality of your character🤗 #LetYourCharecterSoShine

#Ovationsshow.... Celebrating the beautiful people of the BLW Nation. Join us on Loveworld Radio as we celebrate Esteemed members of our beloved nation whose birthdays fell between yesterday and today.. To send your greetings, kindly call this number: 08063530412 You can also participate by Tuning in to www.loveworldradio.fm by 3:15pm (GMT+1) to listen. #Project2000 #everycityaradiostation

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