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Coming up soon - Vision 400 Progress Awards... A celebration of soulwinning exploits! Get ready. It could be YOU!

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Bayo Joseph


Yes that is truth



Glory to God! It is indeed a progressive expression of soul winning.


In God's Word we see numerous account of the miraculous which shows us that: no matter how impossible that condition may seem, anything is possible. It's 13 days to the Higher Life Conference with Pastor Chris!!! September 8th-10th, 2017 @ the O2 London, United Kingdom. Have you Registered for the program? If not please log on to: pastorchrisonline.org/hlcuk2017 You can share your expectations on your timeline using the hash tag: #HLCwithPastorChris and follow this SuperUser for updates


BLWWelynHatfield is set for our MOG #HLCUKwithPastorChris #BLWWELWYNHATFIELD

BLWWelynHatfield is set for our MOG #HLCUKwithPastorChris #BLWWELWYNHATFIELD

Seat back and be thrilled with some of the short phone captions from the closing ceremony of the STPPL Western Europe. The kids from Sweden. (3 brothers) #stpplwesterneurope

I will receive an increase WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE at an evening with the word with our great MOG Pastor Chris...#AnEveningWithTheWord #Canada


Ps119:130 The entrance of thy Word giveth light;it giveth understanding unto the simple. #AnEveningWithTheWord#CECANADA#CEMONTREAL

Congratulations to C.E. Rumuagholu on the baptism of 20 new converts; 20 New Supermen. #Vision400 #areality@cc3group #flourishingwithsouls

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