Jane Flourish: at least 750 million adults on KingsChat Web

at least 750 million adults and 264 million out-of-school children still lack basic literacy skills #Backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

Celebrating excellence personify!!! #Revken918

"There's no better reason for Living than to be a Soul winner." Selah

.   Lets Prepare for Tomorrow ..today  …#BacktoSchool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

one in five adults is still not literate today…don’t reeat the cycle #Backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

education empowers children and enhances there abilities #Backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

@icm4c is championing educational right for indigent children  #BacktoSchool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”  #BacktoSchool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

Education helps eradicate poverty #BacktoSchool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

September would  be unforgetablke for 10,000 children as @icm4c send them #backtoschool

Lets help refine the minds of indigent y sending  them #Backtoschool https://goo.gl/sRdY85

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