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#totalexperienceyaounde #ceyaoundecoron #ewcavz4Vision400

#totalexperienceyaounde #ceyaoundecoron #ewcavz4Vi


Are you ready like am i?



Kabaya zebroskonte mantelebroskiya mantelebroskiya

Meeting the team: Football Finals- Lagos Zone 3. #staffhealthweek2017

Happy Flourishing Birthday Dear Pastor Rhoda. Love you and Happy Celebration.

I DONT WANT ROSA TO END, Winning thm for Jesus Excited for ro ro ro rosa!!!!!!! #rosa2017 #nightofblis #cepmb

#APOC2017 #APOC PASTOR @florencefisho

Updated her profile photo

#totalexperienceyaounde #ceyaoundecoron #ewcavz4Vision400 #ewcavz4

A life transforming program #totalexperienceyaounde #ceyaoundecoron #ewcavz4Vision400 #ewcavz4

I am wonderfully and fearfully made

Thank you esteemed pastor Biodun Lawal for your teaching on the Wisdom of God that is at work in me. #Sunday service # CeAccra zone

CE RUMUODARA WORD CONVENTION WITH PASTOR TONY ADUROJA "The future of a Christian that is born again is planned", with these words the esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Tony Aduroja caught the attention of the brethren as he ministered the word of God in glory and power! He taught that everything in this life that we can see has life in it. The brethren listened with rapt attention as the Esteemed Zonal Pastor taught on the kingdom of God being here on earth and within our spirits. The man of God instructed all present to be mindful of what they say with their mouth as "what we speak, we create". He went ahead to teach on how the law of giving works irrespective of the knowledge one has of it. "Mystery disappears at the presence of knowledge!" All present were moved to next level of their work in God and this ushered them into another session of impartation. #CEPHZONE1

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