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Nigeria is a great country! Happy Independence Day Nigeria! It's Reachout Nigeria!!!! #RONLIVE2017 #CEMIDWESTZONE

Happy Independence Everyone. Thank u Pastor Sir for making Nigeria beautiful in our eyes. It's a new day for Nigeria! #hlcbeninmidwestzone



Beautifully clad in green and white the Pastors and Leaders of Christ Embassy Durumi Church 1 came with excitement to worship and commemorate the 57th Independence of our beloved nation Nigeria. With profound gratitude to our Man of God for initiating one of the greatest movements today...the Reach Out Nigeria, our Highly Esteemed Pastor, led the congregants in prayers for our great nation. In the face of staggering opposition and challenges, Nigeria has continued to wax greater and stronger. Through the massive distribution of our messenger angel, community development projects, heartfelt, continued prayers, diverse projects and initiatives from our ministry, Nigeria is a nation where righteousness prevails and the light of the glorious gospel of Christ will continue to shine from here to the ends of the earth. #ABUJAZONE.


Happy New Month

250 students got born again using ROR in the on-going cell outreach #ronmegacelloutreach #cemidwestzone #cemwzteensinduction

Reach out Nigeria #hlcbenin #hlcedonorthandedocentral #hlcceauchi1#ceauchi1 #RON2017

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