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A child of light $ daughter of the day! Encased & encapsulated wt light! Happy birthday with much luv! Thanks 4 staying our kingdom flag up♡

A child of light $


Happy birthday to you Ma! You are a BLESSING PERSONIFIED happening everywhere. Thank you for your LOVE for the Kingdom. I love you dearly



Thank you Pastor Sir

Enjoyment dey

Thank you Pastor for your benevolence. #TheTeflonPastor

Thank you Pastor for raising us as sons of consolation. #TheTeflonPastor

#CeAccraGhanaZone #cefijiislands #ROFI2017 Reach out Fiji

Enjoyment dey

Thank you pastor for reprogramming me for success #TheTeflonPastor

Thank you Pastor for your love and nurturing care. #TheTeflonPastor

Thank you pastor for being my mentor #TheTeflonPastor

Thank you Pastor for showing us the way! #TheTeflonPastor

I consciously declare that the wisdom of God in my heart and mouth is seen and heard. Glory to God. #ROROCT10 #CEUKVZ4

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