Iweka Ebuka Nj: We are City Centre. THE on KingsChat Web

We are City Centre. THE CITY SET ON THE HILL. The first Group to Host Our Zonal P.A.U na Ozugbo Ozugbo anointing on Us oh. Come and TAKE URS

We are City Centre. THE

Here's the date release for the new article The Bride on KingdomWoman Blog. Be expectant you all!!! #KingdomWoman

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#momentswithrevtom If you don't grow, you'll remain a child & whatever affects others will affect you". Rev Tom #cesheraton #ceabujazone


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Happy birthday Melvin @iamKingMeltrax Thank you for your participation in the gospel, I love💜 you dearly. #CELVZ Alausa Barracks

Glory am excited about faith convention #fcuyo2017

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