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I remember the day when I got born again,you taught me how to win souls,I am now enjoying the fruits of what you taught me,luv you Ma

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“A message a day keeps the devil in check.” — Pst Elizabeth #PCDL #IPPC2017

A rhema and message a day, keeps the devil in check! #IPPC2017

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If you want to know how a king look like look at my regional pastor. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Pastor Ambrose ESESELE #ewcavz4 #ce-douala

#Blwcelebrates30years.2003 vs 2017 Thank you Pastor for the word of God that has transformed me!!!

"You have the Holy Ghost... be bold and fearless..." "Set up Teevo Clubs everywhere..." "Don't just be a supervisor... be a catalyst..." - Rev. Tom Amenkhienan @ITPLC DAY 3 More Updates to come... #itplc2017 #blwteensministry

Happy happy birthday MaMa. I love you sooo much.# POSE1115

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