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Let's do it again bigger and better!!!

Let's do it again bigger

PRAYER GUIDE FOR SATURDAY 25TH NOVEMBER , 2017 PRAYER TIME : 5:00am - 5:30am and 11:00pm- 11:30pm #CEPHZONE3

And then came the awards... Gloryyyyyyyyy #EWCAVZ5IPPC #EWCAVZ5

Impact the world with the investment of your personality. Meet a need and win people.

STILL CELEBRATING OUR BELOVED GOVERNORS Join us as we celebrate Governor Cosmas Muyunda of The Haven Zone E2. Thank you for many years of selfless commitment and dedication to the work of The Haven. The Grace of has increased in your life. We love you dearly. Keep Flourishing on everyside. You are ordained to produce MUCH FRUIT!!! #TheHavenNation

2017 international day of service. Roll up your sleeves. Join the campaign!!

25 reasons for Vision 25 1. My father prays🙌✔✅ 2. My Father's light shines everywhere💡 3. My Father has a heart of Love 😍 4. My Father Smiles ☺ 5. My Father is a life giving Spirit 🙏 6. My Father has a gigantic passion for the Gospel 7. My Father Transmits Joy👏✔ 8. My Father is full of compassion😎 9. My Father is full of Grace 10. My Father is an ocean of blessings 11. My Father Delights in Me🙌 12. My Father is Royalty✴👑✳😎 13. My Father is a man of Faith 🙏💡😉 14............Loading.....90%... Count up to #Vision25 Like....Comment.....Share #Vision25 Make a Video, create an image or write up, Give a shout out with regards to #Vision25...share with the Hash tag "#Vision25" and "#Ceosun" and get it featured on the super user account.... Give us your reason for #Vision25 #YearOfFlourishing #FollowPastorChris #BLWCelebrates30years #NSWVZ1 #CEOsun #Vision25 #Exalted

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ur dreams wont work out just bcz u hve it in mind? This conf will teach u how 2 work it out #GYLFOnlineConference #GYLFIndia #ceindia1


Thank you to our Esteemed Evang. (Dr) Eddy Owase & Christ Embassy Warri Zone for the PCDL gift voucher. #pcdl100daychallenge #cewarrizone

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