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Happy birthday to pastor

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CELEBRATING OUR MOST EXCELLENT DAD: Thank you for changing our world with the love of Christ Jesus.

Rolling up our sleeves! Doing it the #CEYORK way! #BLWDAYOFSERVICE honouring our dear man of God! #PastorChris #DEC7 #Offer7

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Happy birthday pastor, Thank you sir for making the gospel real to me and to millions around the world.

I'm a spirit in motion, I can never be stopped

Corpers Love World

CELEBRATING MY FATHER, MAN OF GOD, PASTOR, TEACHER, LIFE COACH AND FRIEND! Happy Birthday my father and friend. You birthed me by the word and the Spirit of God. There is no one like you in my life. You're a most precious and treasured gift of God to me. Thank you for bringing me into your anointed, blessed and beautiful life and loving me lavishly but uniquely. Celebrating you is celebrating the word of God. A man sent from God, with a coat of many colours. Thank you for helping me fulfill my calling in Christ. You've been the face and voice of the Lord to us in the BLW nation. An epitome and channel of Love, Faith, Hope, Grace and Joy. Thank you for bringing me into a deeper and richer fellowship with the Holy Spirit. You have decorated my life with the beauty of the Lord. You are uniquely irreplaceable. ... So much more to say, ... I love you forever sir. Happy Birthday sir!

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