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What Glorious IDS @ Innisfree Home in Honour of Dear Man of Pastor Chris. #offer7. SPREADING God's Love thru service#cecanada#cekitchener.

What Glorious IDS @ Innisfree What Glorious IDS @ Innisfree What Glorious IDS @ Innisfree What Glorious IDS @ Innisfree
Bukelwa Mdleleni.The Anointed One


Glory to God

Happy birthday dear mom #CE Thorngrove #SA Zone 5 #flourishing

Updated his profile photo Its my cover song on "Honest". Check it out. And let's know u what u all think about it..

She's beautiful, she's a giver, an award winner & a lot more. Happy birthday Pastor Ruth. I love you dearly. #PR10 #cethorngrove #cesazone5

GREATEST DAD / DADDY / DADA / PAPA / BABA / FATHER / ABBA / ABAME Pastor you are my father.  I love it when you counsel and talk to me. So soothing and it always makes my whole day.  You have always cared for me from time. You have always protected me and have always provided for me. You are my special Hero sent from above. I lack nothing spiritually, physically, mentally or materially because of you. Your teachings, phronesis, sunesis, perspective, comprehension are my shield, guide and light. I call you father because you gave birth to me and so many around the world. You are visionary, creative and always increasing in glory. My walk with you through the years has helped me to understand God the father even more.  I want the whole world to know that you are my father. I want the whole world to know that I am because of you. I want the whole world to know that I am so richly blessed and favored because of you.  YOU ARE A LIFE GIVER WITH A HEART OF GOLD, SO PERFECT AND EXCELLENT. MY TESTIMONIES AND TESTIMONIES OF THOSE SAVED, HEALED AND HELPED THROUGH DECADES OF YOUR TEACHING AND MINISTRY ATTEST TO THIS. I'll choose you again and again or should I say, thank you for choosing me and I know you will always choose me again and again. WHAT HAVE YOU NOT TAUGHT ME? YOU HAVE TAUGHT ME EVERYTHING. THE WORD OF GOD, CHARACTER, WISDOM, PASSION, URGENCY, FAITH, LOVE, WEALTH, FAVOR, SPIRITUALITY, PRAYERS, EXCELLENCE, FELLOWSHIP WITH THE HOLY GHOST, KINDNESS SWEETNESS, TOUGHNESS, GREATNESS, BOLDNESS, ACTIVISM, EXPANSIONISM AND EXCEPTIONALISM You taught me to stand out, stand tall and stand strong I love you dearly my own Pastor and Father  Happy Birthday and thank you for your love and care Mwaaaaaaaaah!!!!😚😚😚😚❤❤


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My Zonal Pastor has a heart of gold.... ever so loving #PR10 #cethorngrove #cesazone5

I have sudden miracles in the remaining weeks,days,hours,minutes & seconds of 2017, my God is a God of possibilities.

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