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#SupernaturalEpistles Supernatural Health by Pastor Chris "Remember to be carnally minded is death. Don't be carnally minded saying "I don't know what is wrong with ny stomach, I have been running to the toilet, I have gone there 10times already this morning, I don't know what is going on. Stop being carnally minded because that may take you to the hospital and finally be on the operation table. Be spiritually minded, instead of wondering what is inside that is causing it, TALK ABOUT WHAT IS INSIDE THAT CAN HEAL IT! Because there is something inside that can heal and purify it." IT IS SUPERNATURAL!

#SupernaturalEpistles Supernatural Health by Pas

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Updated his profile photo

The Okia-amie Family Bro. Mark Sis. Faith Bro chikwudi Sis. China J Sis. Chinese M Baby M. Okia-Oduweto

7Ese Nukueye (not born again) 8. Daniel Ebah 9. Uche Anunobi 10. Innocent Anunobi 11. Chidinma Anunobi 12. Chinyere Anunobi 13. Ann Anunobi

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Ifeanyi Anunobi Good Nukueye 16. Saturday Nukueye (notbornagain) 17. Joel Nukueye 18. Chinedu Anunobi 19. Rita Nukueye 20. Victory Nukueye

FOR YOUR ATTENTION- YEAR OF THE SUPERNATURAL MESSAGE IS AVAILABLE NOW... The Lord God has lavishly made available supernatural supply, supernatural strength, supernatural abilities, supernatural insight, super wisdom, supernatural knowledge, supernatural health for us to enjoy. ...Available on Pastor Chris Digital Library. Please contact your church office to get vouchers for you and others. God bless you. #thehappychurch #cephzone1

Fega Michaels Teens initiative in collaboration with Chtist Embassy Galilee presents Teens Skills Acquisition program. 20th jan 2018.

#Wednesday you must remove from your Vocabulary this year.I.e *Don't say am hustling *Don't say am struggling *Don't say I am broke E.t.c

Bunolo Xaba(babe) Buhle Zikalala(babe) Jabulile Ndlela Thabo Ndlela(prison,) Bongani Ndlela Andile Ndlela Elvis Ndlela

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