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Junior hycent Okocha (prayer) Uche Okocha(prayer and salvation) Ugo ogabu junior(salvation)

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Answat Jenhu Michelle Jenhu Dorica Rumhizhi Lucy Rumhizhi

Odia Anthony (grace) Odia Rogers (salvation) Odia Fabian (prayer) Odia mike(prayer) Odia Jane (salvation) Rosemary Okocha (prayer)

🎉Apy 4th B-Day Ivan🎂.God's favor & grace will continually compel u 2 mk giant strides & accomplish great feats.👑Dre's no stoppin u Son.🌐

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Kaeo Valdez, Elijah Valdez, KC Trexx Valdez manifest the power of God in their lives, take their position in the path of righteousness!

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D Lord My Shepherd (Supernatural Supply) I lack nothing! He gave Me(Supernatural Strength, Wisdom, Insight, Knowledge, Ability) 2honor Him.

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Luisa Galarosa(Salvation Aliyu Yakubu(Salvation Raja Suresh(Salvation Felicien Hounto Family(Salvation Alona Dela crus Family(Salvation

PRAYER Dear Father, I thank you for the Lordship of Jesus over my life; the lordship of His love. I cast myself into your loving arms, trusting you to lead and guide me in your perfect will for my life. I walk the path of success and victory only, because Jesus is Lord of my life, my mind, body, finances and all that concerns me; He’s my master, lover, and friend. Glory to His Name forever.

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