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Pull a seed out of miracle you already had Every seed has the ability to produce what made it #campus bambili # Ewcavz4#

Pull a seed out of

If anything ever cruches U, there must have been a warning but U were not listening #3PrinciplesForYourProsperityAndContinualProductivity

God is restoring time #YourLoveworld

#yourloveworld Pastor Chris Teaching "God doesn't need you to be rich before he tells you to use your seed. If you will turn what's in your hand into a seed, your future is secure. What do you have? Don't call it nothing.....turn it into a seed. Put your future right into it. Light, Truth, Seed; and your prosperity is secure. Light, Truth, Seed; and Your productivity is unending. What seed do you have? God creates opportunities. ...A real need. We may be here this week...just for you. Just for the future God has given you. The greatest opportunity ever to give is THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST; TO GIVE INTO THE GOSPEL FOR THE SALVATION OF OTHERS. If anything ever crushes you, it wasn't an accident. There must have been a warning. When it comes you just walk through. If it breaks you, then you were not listening. SEED IN YOUR HAND DOES NOTHING UNTIL IT IS PLANTED. SEED ONLY WORKS WHEN IT IS PLANTED IN THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT. What will you do with your seed? Make it a working seed; a seed that is planted". #CeKenyaZone

@the zonal cell convention with lagos zone1 zonal director pastor Lanre Alabi.

God's Word is Truth, Light and Seed ... #ThreePrinciplesForYourProsperityAndContinualProductivity

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What will you do with your seed? Will it remain a seed or a working seed? #ThreePrinciplesForYourProsperityAndContinualProductivity

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#Your_Loveworld Update... GOD IS RESTORING LOST YEARS, LOST TIME AND MORE. Remember when i caused David to recover all. when i restore, i don't just give you what you lost but you will receive things you never had before - Bishop Clarrence. #NSWVZ1 #WESTERNREGION #YEAROFTHESUPERNATURAL

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