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#YourLoveWorld DAY 5 MORNING SESSION HIGHLIGHTS Facts About Our Miracle Harvest ~ Dr. Mike Smalley. ◼ Your Seed and your faith makes your future harvest unstoppable. With your seed and your faith you can create any future you want.  ◼ You reap what you sow. If you sow time, love, or money, you will reap the same. Your seed is a conversation with God.  ◼ God never overlooks a seed that you bring to Him. Your seeds document your faith and trust in His ability to sustain you.  ◼ By the seeds you sow today, God will activate harvests on dormant seeds you had sown that have been in conversation with Him  ◼ Seed can only reproduce after its kind. Every offering is a funeral for the god of this world. Every offering is a funeral for greed. Every failure in your life can be traced back to a Man of God you didn’t believe ◼ If what’s in your hand is not enough to meet your need, it’s not your harvest, so make it your seed. God never talks to you about the seed in your hand without a harvest for you on His mind. Your harvest cannot come from God till it first leaves your hands. What's In Your Hand?- Pastor Biodun Lawal. 1.You need the right principles of the Word  2. You need the right relationship 3. You need the right action!  ◼ Through your seed, you enter a relationship with these two great Men of God, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn. ◼In partnering with YOUR LOVEWORLD,  you are identifying with Jesus’ calling, ministry, faith and lifestyle and the essence & and purpose of His coming ◼ God meets Moses after many years of leaving Egypt, after he had given up everything. God asks him to give his shoes ;something of great value to a desert shepherd. ◼ God does not look at how much you have given to Him but how much is left behind. Moses had to release all he had left, his shoes and his rod, and cast himself on God. Only then could God begin with Him.Until you give all to Him, the greatness God has planned for you can not happen. ◼ Your seed is an arrow. You can release it from your house now. As you take the steps to release that arrow (your seed), the hands of the Man of God, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny comes upon your hands. The anointing of these men of God comes on your hands!! As you shoot that arrow today, miracles will happen for you in other nations ◼ Your seed is an arrow of deliverance, promotions, prosperity, and miracles. The Lord is using your seed to pull down adversaries. Your seed neutralises all opposition. ◼ Thank God for providing us an opportunity to release our arrows, as we sow into Your LoveWorld. Until this programme ends, God is still calling for your seed. Don’t ask how the miracle will happen.Just do what God is telling you to do.Our part is to act on the Word, His part is to confirm it. ◼ Is there any arrow (seed) left in your house? Release it and sow it. You are building yourself an eternal, ever- increasing treasury, impregnable by the economic woes of this world ◼ Seeds sown into YOUR LOVEWORLD will keep coming  back in ever-increasing and ever-recurring harvest #cephzone3




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AMEN.Glorrraaayyy Hallelujah!

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Glory to God,my harvest can not be stop,#CEPHZONE3

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU DAD, Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD, for YourLoveWorld Telethon!❤️❤️💕💕 #loveworldusa #cecanada

Happy Birthday Dear Bro Lawrence!!!!

WHAT'S HAPPENING!!!! 9 days to go🕺 TEENZ ABLAZE WITH PASTOR FREEDOM WEALTH-ERIYA Are you a hip, happening and supernatural teen? Then this program is just for you. Invite your friends every teenager you know to come. #teenzablaze #cesazone1

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Your love world telethon #ce total # ce warri zone

Supernatural Super Sunday #blwZimZone #Supernatural

Happy birthday Bro Gabriel. The Lord has increased you. Thank u for all u do for the brethren. We love you #blwhammersmith #ukzone2birthdays


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