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#ongoing #YourLOVEWORLD The Harvest is in your SEED! Sow your SEED in the right environment. Don't say you don't have a Seed! You have a SEED- Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Your Seed is a weapon. Anytime you sow, you torment the gate of hell- Pastor Benny Hinn. Now is the moment! Go to the phone now! Kindly call the following numbers: +234 1 440 7738 or +234 1 440 7316 SMS only: +234 903 5333 3905 Watch online via #yourloveworld

#ongoing #YourLOVEWORLD The Harvest is
Charles Ejeh


Praise God. Thank you so much Pastor Sir.

Anku Nelson





I sow my seed cause its my weapon, Glory to God. #celagzone2

Olawale Patrick


The seed in my is a weapon of welfare. #lagoszone 4

God is Good

My future is history to God and my harvest is in the seed #cephzone1 #Yourloveworld #PastorChrislive

No matter where you find yourself, no matter the situation, the principle of Light, Truth and Seed is all you need. Chaaii Pastor Chris Oh!

God will not do it if you don't came in agreement with him. #YourLoveworld

CE BWARI MODEL CHIRCH EVANGELISM AND PUBLICITY #TheGloryofHisPresence #gohp2018 #PastorBennyinAbuja #CEAbujaZone #cedurumi

Supernatural abundance through out 2018!!Glory

Loveworldsat Call Centre for the Telethon with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny in Johannesburg. Glory!

Light, truth, seed. This is all I need. Seed is a continuity, happy is the man that has a seed. I am a sower. Kabaya !! #ewcavz4

#YourLoveWorld If you will turn what's in your hand into a seed, your future is secure. What do you have? Don't call it nothing.....turn it into a seed. Put your future right into it. Light, Truth, Seed and your prosperity is secure. Light, Truth, Seed and Your productivity is unending. What seed do you have? God creates opportunities. ...A real need. We may be here this week...just for you. Just for the future God has given you - Bishop Clarence McClendon #NWVZ1

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