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👉 Grace has a voice and CANNOT be silenced. Grace speaks at the APPROPRIATE time.When Grace SPEAKS,ALL other voices will be SILENCED!

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👉 It's GRACE that has the POWER to carry & sustain you through every attack, betrayal & conspiracy & ensure you come out STRONGER!

Happy Birthday Joy The Beloved. #ceibsouth #uccy #westernregion #nswvz1

Glorrry My Year of D Supernatural THIS IS MY WEEK 4TH CONSUMMATE LEADERS CAMP ON MY MIND I M SO EXCITED #Cedansomanmain #ceaccraghanazone

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Happy birthday my esteemed pastor, I Love You Sir! #pwales2401

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SUPER SUNDAY SERVICE CE CARLETONVILLE. GET READY FOR THE SUPERNATURAL #FillUpLcc2018 #MoveForward #Supernatural #Cesazone2 #Cecarltonville

The SPREADING CONTINUES... It's our year of the Supernatural. All fired up to deliver our cities to the man of God; Pastor Chris, the Esteemed Pastor Praise Aloaye, Pastor CE Ughelli initiates 8 outlets for the spread of our ministry materials. Thank you to all our Pastors, leaders and members of CE Ughelli for an outstanding move to indoctrinate our world with the message of the BLW Nation. #ceughelli #nssvzone1 #nssr

I am expectant,I am ready I am excited to learn.

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