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Happy Birthday Superwoman

Happy Birthday Superwoman

We don't grow into sonship! Our placement as sons happened the very minute we believed the Gospel! We only grow in our knowledge of the Son.

Happy Birthday Pastor Jide Sir I love you..indeed Blessed are those that have a Father and a Life Coach and thank you for impacting my life

To walk in love regardless of whether or not anyone else does is the highest walk available- Kenneth Copeland

Happy Birthday Sis Annabel Success... God bless you for all the work you do for the ministry... Have a supernatural day.. I Love you

Nothing drains people's lives like unforgiveness. I choose the path of love! Always forgiving!

Your life is driven in the direction of your words!

Fearful people are ever negative!It is their signature move!They too negative to see good things! It is not a work of the Spirit!

Ministry is not control! When you always control your members, you will raise zombies with no loyalty to your work!

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Don't just learn truth so you can find something to say..... Learn truth to grow too!

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