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Nous prenons en charge et avec autorité au nom de Jésus #PriéMaintenant #France #CECAEN

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Eph6:12"there are evil spirits influencing men to take wrong decision, in Jesus name this week, we'ld take charge" #PrayingNow #LiveUpdates

This week is so very serious. We are dethroning immorality, effecting lasting changes through Prayer all around the world #GlobalPrayer

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GLOBAL PRAYER WEEK DAY 2 HAPPENING NOW: EXHORTATION WITH THE HIGHLY ESTEEMED REV. RAY OKOCHA This week, as we pray, we are making several arrests and releases in the realm of the Spirit. We have the name of Jesus to speak with. When we proclaim in His name, every gang up of the enemy is scattered. He gave us the power of attorney to use His name. His name is irresistible. We're exercising our authority this week in the Name of Jesus Christ. We are arresting devils, because there are evil spirits that are responsible for the evil things that happen to people, in families and in societies. We have been quiet for too long, but not anymore. That's why this is a week of prayer, and we're making changes in the world through the power in the name of Jesus. 2 Samuel 24:1-4, 2 Chronicles 21:1 We must pray for leaders that they may be shielded from taking steps and making decisions that are against God's will and bringing judgement upon their nations. #GlobalPrayerWeek #PrayingNow #UK #UKVZ3

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Making a Change #prayingNow #CEAccraGhanaZone #Ghana

Testimony will be live at the upcoming#unforgettablenight with Pastor Mary at UBTH open field come 30th of March 2018 by 7 pm #cemidwestzone

#prayingnow #ghana

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