Charles: #mydeclaration I am a success on KingsChat Web

#mydeclaration I am a success wherever I go and also in my academics, I am a life changer. No city's door is closed from me.

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I experience luxuriant growth in every stage of my life. I make significant attainment effortlessly. #mydeclarations

#mydeclaration Jesus choose me, ordonned me to go and bring forth fruit, and my fruit should remaind. So no distraction nor frustration Amen

Me & my family are kingdom financiers. We are big time givers for the propagation of the gospel to the ends of the world.#amen.

I am chosen to know I am a reigning champion I am a vessel for finances #mydeclaration

The Lord is the strength of my life!

My life is a wellwatered garden, continually producing fruits of righteousness.I have deep & intimate knowledge of d Spirit #Mydeclaration

The Word of God is producing supernatural dramatic miracles in my family,work, finances, health and all that concerns my life #mydeclaration

The Lord has given me the advantage. I have access into all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding...access into wealth untold #mydeclaration

This is my confession;The Lord is my promoter and strength.The whole world belongs to me and I will shake the world of my time#mydeclaration

I am bless & a blessing my world,i walk in Favour & grace at all time & all place.I am a great father bless husband and a might man of God

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