Izeghe Daniel: #Mydeclaration I declare that trash on KingsChat Web

#Mydeclaration I declare that trash this world and push it behind because the world is small.

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I am a virtue of honor, righteousness in Christ Jesus, through me, Christ is GLORIFIED! #mydeclaration

The Nations belong to me therefore in any nation I want things changed according to the will of God, it is done.

#MyDeclearation. May God use me to bless the younth through what am do. To make them to know God more nd more.

#Prayingnow #mydeclarations I function from the position of rest, I live a struggle free,worry free life all the time... Oh glory to God!!!!!! I thank you for qualifying me to be a partaker of the inheritance of the saints in light.

City of Norwich belongs to us. We are winning souls like never before. Glory!

I am THE BEST and THAT BEST in all I do for God, I do it so well and get God's approval for it. I am God's support System! #Mydeclaration

D Lord has enlarged my coast on every side. Henceforth am happening everywhere I go. Hallelujah. #GlobalprayerweekwithPastorChris.

#myDeclaration The glory of the Lord upon me shall not be hiden

I Michael make progress in my life in all what I do door are open any were I go and want to know God the more.

I declare my ministry, business, finances and academics experience an upward trajectory of excellence and productivity.#mydeclaration.

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