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I Have All The Resources I Need For The Work Of The Ministry Work #MyDeclaration

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I declare that God loves me,I declare am a friend of God, I declare d joy of the Lord is now my Strength. Money hears me & comes 2 me always

Supernatural supply abundance of harvest blessing in my family Amen.

I declare! The lives of my parent and siblings are supernaturally transformed for Christ #Mydeclaration

I receive Supernatural insight, creative ideas and divine links for new and untapped business links

I declare that i am the head and not the tail, the lines are falling unto me in Pleasant places. I am a victor!!!

I declare that I am fruitful, productive, efficient, a blessing to my generation. #mydeclaration

God fearing home.To become B.O.S of Nfcbank Douala.faithful husband.Longlife #mydeclaration

#prayer service #port harcourt Zone 1 #praising God #Loveworld city

The glory of God is increased in my life! Am a multi billionaire ! Am endued with the ability to cause change in my world! #mydeclaration

I declare that glorious things are spoken of me. My life is forward and upward only #mydeclaration

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