Ben Mago #CEROTHERHAMUKVZONE2: #My declaration Im of God on KingsChat Web

#My declaration Im of God and ive overcome them, because Greater is He That is in me, than he that is in the world. 1John4:4

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Dear God,I am your jewel n pearl,i am a woman of virtue,you are my sufficiency to my children.i will see my children'children #mydecarlation

I declare that glorious things are spoken of me. My life is forward and upward only #mydeclaration

The glory of God is increased in my life! Am a multi billionaire ! Am endued with the ability to cause change in my world! #mydeclaration

#prayer service #port harcourt Zone 1 #praising God #Loveworld city

I declare that I am fruitful, productive, efficient, a blessing to my generation. #mydeclaration

I declare that all things work together for my good. #mydeclaration

I declare that the lands are blessed, the cities are blessed, the states are blessed, Nigeria is blessed because of me. #Mydeclaration

#Mydeclaration I am financially stable requiring no aid, my financial sufficiency is in God. Therefore, I am an ardent sponsor of the gospel

# i declear that am moving into my own house in this first quarter of the year in Jesus name. Money is never a problem to me again. Glorrry

I declare a definite and remarkable progress in my life and ministry. Great things are happening with great testimonies. #mydeclaration

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