Ben Mago #CEROTHERHAMUKVZONE2: #Globalprayerweek #My declaration #UKVZ2 My on KingsChat Web

#Globalprayerweek #My declaration #UKVZ2 My mind is stayed thee.Im complete in Christ.Im the light of the world.In him I can do all things

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Victory Parade as ZP, declares the LoveWorldCity ground open #cephzone1

Je suis un grenier intarissable carle Seigneur est ma vie ma force mon bouclier mon soutien qi ne faille jms#prayingnow # cmer#mydeclaration

I declared that the Lord is my strength my church grow from Grace to Grace and the Anointing of the Lord is on me Supernatural in all things

Am excellent, full of God's Glory and Beauty. Am too Loaded to fail. I have a sound mind, glorrrrrrrry! #Mydeclaration

In the place of prayer, we speak #Globalprayerweek #Prayingnow #Nigeria #CEPHZ2

#mydeclaration The Lord is the perfection in my body,finance,family,children all that concerns me & He is using me mightily for his glory.

The lord is my Shepherd,I will not want .The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places,in have a goodly heritage. #mydeclaration

I declare the Lord is my Shepard I have Wisdom, knowledge and understanding and so I am raising more soldiers for Christ. #mydeclaration

I enjoy the 7 fold blessings of the year of the Supernatural. My relevance increases everyday #Mydeclaration

I declare that the Grace of God is making way for me in this my year of the supernatural.

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