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I’m effective. I function in supernatural wisdom, supernatural knowledge, supernatural insight. I gt it rite da first time #mydeclaration

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My family and I will serve The Lord. We have all the resources required to support the ministry #MyDeclaration

#unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone #cetextilemillgroup

I'm turning men and women from wickedness unto righteousness; this is my purpose, which I live daily to fulfill. #mydeclaration #Russia

I declare that i live in divine health and prosperity.. lines are falling unto me in pleasant places.#mydeclaration

Rhapsody of Realities - Pastor Chris: *Confident In The Day Of Crisis* Thur 22 Feb #RoR #Change #Supernatural 👉gift http://bit.ly/2ricAj7

Glory! I declare iam walking in supernatural supply, supernatural strength, abilities, insight, wisdom, knowledge, health.

There is a lifting up for me,my family and brethren & this cannot be reversed by any force! #mydeclaration

#mydclaration Something big is about to happen in my family,finances and business this year.

Our God is glorified in my life in the life of Tammy Aribiton.Dajo Orubo.Orabelema and family Violet,Jason Boma.Hallelujah Glorrraaayyy.!!!

I function with and in Wisdom. The wisdom of God is at work in me and it is on the rise! Glory!!! mydeclaration

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