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# my declaration I am like a tree planted by the riverside, I flourish on every side.

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#My Declaration All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hid in me are unveiled to me by the HG.this my year of the SUPERNATURAL,10 in 1

Supernatural abilities from God have invaded my life, leading me to always triumph in business areas, education & finances #mydeclaration

I am fruitful and productive and any thing i lay my hands on produces supernatural results #mydeclaration

#Mydeclaration The gate nations are open unto me, I am a representative of the the God kind, I am open to my highest good now, I am blessed.

Greater is he that is in Me; than he that is in the world. I have overcome the world and it’s systems. #MyDeclaration

I declare the Word of God grows mightily and prevails in Cameroon. Never again will violence be heard in this land #mydeclarations

#mydeclaration Je déclare que ce qui est impossible aux autres m'est possible car le plus grand vit en moi

Im fruitful and productive I bear much fruits b'se im his branches Im like the tree planted by the streams of water prodng frts all seasons

# mydeclarations I have a godly heritage. I and my family is supernaturally blessed. I function with the anointing of expansion. Increase.


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