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I am a victor, i have overcome every situation before me, no death or sickness can come near me #mydeclaration

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#myDeclaration I have been made a standing law and an institution of prosperity.. nothing can stop me now..

I am a Woman sent from God. I am burning and a shining light, lighting up my world with His love & men rejoice in my light! #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I declare that things are shifting in the right direction for me, I'm divinely positioned.

None of my expectations will ever be cut off! The word of God is lavishly producing in my life all that it promises for me! #mydeclaration

I am a written epistle of Christ! Read by everyone, your glory lord is evident, bringing and drawing many to light ,

#mydeclaration Every member of my family comes to knowledge of Christ. The Name of Jesus is glorified in my family throughout generations

Christ has been made unto me wisdom therefore I am wise and I produce excellent and lasting results in all I do. #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration that my relationship with the Holy Spirit is at its heightest level.

With my eyes I will see and lead millions of souls to Christ.Salvation has come to the nations.GLORY!!! #Mydeclaration

All things work out for my own good because I love the Lord and I have been called according to his purpose. Am excellent #Mydeclaration

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