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The Lord is moving me from glory to glory. Greater is he that in me than he that is world. #mydeclaration

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#mydeclaration...I function with the speed and ability of God today and always

Am a multa-billoniar in pounds,dollars,Euro,naira and in every currency of the world.I lay up gold as likes me! #mydeclaration.

The Lord brought me into a large place. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places.I have a goodly heritage #mydeclaration #cephzone3

I have an excellent spirit.#mydeclaration

I declare that I am the fruit bearing part of God, I bring forth fruit in my mind , my body , my spirit. #mydeclaration #cewarrizone

I am walking in the Supernatural.All the Seven blessings in 2018 are my portion. #mydeclarations

I am my husband's delight, his crowning glory. I bring him pleasure always. I'm a blessing to him, He is satisfied with me #mydeclaration

I lay up billions of $ as dust #Mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I declare that there is a change in my life & Ministry, the word of the Lord is growing & prevailing in France and Europe

The force field of God is all around me! Absolutely nothing can harm me! #mydeclaration

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