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When I preach to my colleagues; they listen, I have something to give, No one has an encounter with me and remains the same #mydeclaration

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#mydeclaration. I expirence the growth of 10year in one. My life is on a parth and can't be interupted

I declare that the light of God's word illuminates my path daily, I have Supernatural health, I eat the good of the land. #mydeclaration

I am like a tree planted by the stream of waters, my leaves are ever green and flourishing, #mydeclaration

A night of Prayer, Praise/Worship, The Word and Miracles! #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

I am a success millionaire wealthy I have my prayers and heart desires granted  I am loved, I cannot be rejected  #MyDeclaration

IT'S DAY 4 OF THE GLOBAL PRAYER WEEK WITH OUR MAN OF GOD PASTOR CHRIS Today is Day 4 of the Global Prayer Week and there’ll be two sessions today at 10am - 1pm and 4pm - 7pm. Kindly post your declaration on Kingschat using the #mydeclaration or send via email to Endeavor to watch on any of the Loveworld Networks, the Live TV App and Ceflix, pray along and also post on Kingschat using the hashtags #prayingnow #country and 'amen'.

Lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places. I have a goodly heritage: ✨I am kinging and I dine with my adversaries 🙌🏼✨ #mydeclaration

You can;t afford to miss this Unforgettable night with Pastor Mary Owase. #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

Am experiencing a SWIFT SHIFT in my spiritual growth, in my church and members, in my finance, in and home and job. #Globalprayerconfrence

My confessions and declarations greater things are happening every were and nothing is powerful to stop it for it is d season of change.

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