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#mydeclaration Supernatural things abondance of grace is available for me. I handle my team wid all diligence an guidance from the spirit

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I declare that I am growing spiritually and mentally in the word of God everyday of my life.. #mydeclarations

This program will hold on March 30th.2018 at the UBTH open field at 7pm till dawn. #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

I am productive and my fruits are the evidence of my blessings to the Nations of the earth.I have been Honoured of the Lord #mydeclaration

I am Blessed and I am a Blessing to my world, I live the Supernatural Life of Christ, I lack nothing. Glory to God!!! #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I am a giver. A seed shower with a difference. God is unwilling to do with out me.

My entire family are walking in the light of God's Word.They are continually preserved through faith unto salvation #mydeclaration

The unsaved will receive salvation. #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

Lines have fallen unto me in pleasant places. I have a goodly heritage. #mydeclaration.

#mydeclarations I am super rich. Supernatural supply is mine. Supernatural Health,wisedom, ability, knowledge, strength is mine always.

Glory to God It is unforgettable night #cemidwestzone #unforgettablenight

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