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#mydeclaration I declare that Victor aikhenomia is successful in all that he does...it is 10 years in one for him

#mydeclartion I declear that glorious things are spoken of me,that the lines are falling unto me in pleasant places. Be blessed Immensely


#prayingnow #Australia

#mydeclaration My children are creators of new ideas, things , software, and they are the most influential and wealthiest on earth.

Christiana Fadele I'm a Success and not a failure, l'm the head am not the tail; in my academy l'm in first class.

Dear Father I thank you, I refuse to fret or worry.I thank you because all things are working for my good. All I see is YOU! #mydeclaration

GLOBAL PRAYER WEEK WITH PASTOR CHRIS DAY 4 (Morning session) The esteemed CEO, Pastor Deola Philips exhorts: ●Prayer is an investment of ourselves into God, its an investment in eternity. ●In the place of prayer, you receive vision, direction, drive and inspiration...There is resource allocation. ●Our prayers are never lost or wasted; they are kept. The Lord has a record of our Prayers. REV 5: 8 ●No breath of prayer, no word spoken to the Lord disappears to nothing. Prayer is exercising authority and causing things to happen, those things withing the power given to us in Christ Jesus. ●Prayer is enforcing the will of God on the earth. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives is our supreme advantage. Pray until there is a note of victory. #GlobalPrayerWeek #cephzone1

The Gospel will Prosper in my hand #mydeclaration

I am a burning and shining light;prosperous in all thing.#mydeclaration

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