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The world and everything in it belongs to me. Therefore I know no lack because the Lord is my Shepherd.#Mydeclaration

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My gates are always open because the wealth of nations and the riches of d seas are brought to me #mydeclaration

#my declaration: my uncle and aunty are giving there life to Christ this year of supernatural

I declare that the word of God grow and prevail in Nigeria and the works of the evil one is overthrown in Jesus name

I CAN NEVER BE POOR #mydeclaration

I declare that doors of opportunities have been opened to me to preach this Gospel in new localities! #MyDeclaration

The people and the resources in the world belongs to me because I am the seed of Abraham an heir according to promises. #faithdeclaration

I declare that my spirit soul and body responds to the word of God...its my 10 in one year by the power of the Holyghost #mydeclearation

#mydeclaration #prayingnow #denilsonosas #received all from this #globalprayernetwork. I lend money to men and nations.. 10 years in 1 glory

#mydeclaration My life is for the GLORY of the LORD.. I live in that consciousness and it regulates everything around me... Glory to God!

I walk in divine wisdom, grace, in favour and excellence always. #mydeclaration

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