I am israel stern: #mydeclaration because of me my on KingsChat Web

#mydeclaration because of me my family is saved,this year I'm achieving great things, my prosperity is unlimited glory to God. #ceghanazone

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My significant attainments are supernatural this year 2018 #mydeclaration

I declare its my year of supernatural, and I am experiencing supernatural in all areas of my life ,Amen! #mydeclaration

I declare this is the morning of my life and I am working in victory all the days of my life amen.

I declare that all things are working together for my good, in my family. In my academics am coming out as the best. # my deceleration.

My family, church and all that concerns me are directly under the beam of God's vision and purpose.. 10 years in 1 #mydeclaration #cephzone2

Christian Adeola-Michael is the Lord's delight and God stands tall in him. He's of a sound mind & an excellent spirit. #MyDeclaration

#mydeclaration God has made every favour and every earthly blessing come to me now in the name of Jesus. I am a blessing to my world!

I walk in supernatural blessings ,l take many out of darkness to light,they stay in church and become a helper of the work

I build the Largest waste to energy plant in Africa by the power of the Holy Ghost. In Jesus name. Amen. #mydeclaration

I shall experience visible spiritual changes that would cause others to want to know my God. #mydeclaration

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