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I am a zillionaire in dollars ,pounds,Naira in all currencies.I av money making ideas I am an activist I sponsor d gospel,impacting lives

I declare that my Husband Lamin Marong belongs to Jesus and that he will give his life to him now and and he will do his will and not his

#Mydeclaration I declare that I am blessed with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus!

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Mydeclaration: schwitzerland: you are my Joy and my fullness i have all wath i need❤️❤️❤️

I declare that I am starting my company and completing it this year of the supernatural by the grace of God , Amen! #mydeclaration

#mydeclararion I have an excellent spirit and the head. I demonstrate the character of the Spirit to the people and nations of the world.

I declare that i flourish in all things and im fruitful in every field. Blessed be God. #mydeclaration

I Declare that i am an effective gospel minister, Am bringing thousands to Christ, i am functioning in supernatural wisdom #mydeclaration

30th March Unforgettable Night with Pastor Mary Owase #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

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