Pastor Victor Musa: Happy birthday Sis Merveille, I on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday Sis Merveille, I rejoice with the host of heaven. Special daughter of God. Another yr to enoy God's blessing, peace & supern

Happy birthday Sis Merveille, I Happy birthday Sis Merveille, I Happy birthday Sis Merveille, I Happy birthday Sis Merveille, I

#Mydeclarations Aaron will complete is course and he will grow in grace and knowledge of God always.

A VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION FROM OUR MAN OF GOD, PASTOR CHRIS AT THE GLOBAL PRAYER WEEK DAY 3: "I want you to get on KingsChat and make your statement of faith. Declare what is going on in your spirit right now...We will be praying over them tomorrow" Send your declaration of faith on KingsChat with the hashtag #mydeclarations #cephzone3 OR Send as an email to #supersunday

Helpers locates me everywhere I go or not. Men & women falls over themselves to favor me! I called it! #MyDeclaration

Being at the right place at the right time! #Prayingnow #Canada

I am laying down in green pastures. #mydeclarations

My declaration. Thank you Lord for making my families partakers of your divine power that has given us all things we desire in this life.

Christ Embassy Mid-West Zone Unforgettable night with Pastor Mary Owase. #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

30th March Unforgettable Night with Pastor Mary Owase #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

I declare that this year there will be events for Christ in many nations of Europe that will usher millions to Christ!#Mydeclaration#Berlin

My path is shinning brighter and brighter. The Hand of God is mighty in my life, my husband, my children, parents, siblings #mydeclaration

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