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Uninterrupted - Supernatural supply, strength,wisdom,knowledge,insight,ability and ability will remain my daily experience.#mydeclaration

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#prayingnow #USA #amen #newyorkmegalopolis

Lord you make my life so pleasant and my future is bright #mydeclaration

I am a success & a Victor on every count. I reign triumphantly over & above all the negativities of life. #mydeclaration

#unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone #cetextilemillgroup

Unforgettable Night with Pastor Mary Owase #unforgettablenight #cemidwestzone

I cannot be hindered.All doors,gates,bars open to me of their own accord!Suddenly....Glory!!!!!

#mydeclaration I am inundated, soaked, swimming, in the anointing of the spirit. Life exudes from me. Everything I touch is blessed.

#mydeclaration My life is from glory to glory, I am on top and I win at every count. The supernatural is my daily experience, Hallelujah

My words and actions are led by d spirit. I yield myself to the spirit for global impact. I’m making it rain 💸 for d gospel.#mydeclaration

I declare in the life of every family member complete restoration. In relationships, health, marriages, in every area. #mydeclaration

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