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Daily I’m loaded with -Supernatural supply,strength,wisdom,knowledge,insights,ability and health. #mydeclaration

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kenny sunday


The grace of God with never cease in your life sur.

The wisdom of the Lord illuminate my mind I know what to do at all times I don't make mistakes for all things work together for my good

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.My portion is the best. Doors of opportunities are opened unto me and I am taking advantage of them. The gates are broken! #mydeclaration

I've been made a light to my generation and beyond. My life on every side is a characterization of the supernatural #mydeclaration

My life is upward and forward.I make progress with giant strides;I am in Christ;i have insight into mysteries and secrets. #Mydeclaration

Divinity is at work in me therefore I live in divine health all the days of my life and I have Zoe the God kind of life#declearation

I am laying up gold as dust. #mydeclaration

#Prayingnow. #Nigeria.

Yound people in the united kingdom, are turning away from darkness and embracing the light that is Jesus Christ. #mydeclaration

I'm full of God I'm full of luv I know what to do when to do and how to do things I'm solut to problems answer to quests #mydeaclariation

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